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Good luck with your search.

Apropos of; I have a dear friend who's a psychiatrist. We were both in high school in the 1980's when Drakkar Noir was the most common men's fragrance. Guys who would never think of wearing cologne wore Drakkar.

So when my friend goes out socially, he wears Drakkar. The scent (olfactory is far and away the most powerful sense memory) subconsciously brings back powerful sentimental emotions in both males and females. Since high school and college are usually the period in a persons life were they begin sexually socializing and doing things like seriously falling in love for the first time, Drakkar will evoke powerful positive emotions from most people in this age range. It's fascinating to witness him in action lol.

Anyway, I bet the 8 series has a similar affect on your subconscious which you obviously recognize.