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Originally Posted by mryakanisachoad View Post
What was your motivation for trying to purchase that particular car?

Collector? Flipper? Sentimentality? Project/Hobby car?

The 8 is an intriguing car to me. If you see one parked in a lot, it gets tons of attention. More than almost any other car I can think of. Especially if it's red. You'd have to light it on fire to get less attention.

But, nobody ever seems to really love it or even really like it. And, I wonder why.

It's only anecdotal but I experience a similar phenomenon with the 135i. Not sure what the correct word or phrasing is but the 1 series piques the curiosity of people much more than an M5.

I think people get confused by the 1. They like it but they don't love it. But, they sort of love it.

And, I wonder why.

A combination of the three. I buy cars that I like and cars that I admired when I was a kid. When I get bored of them I sell them...

I have to dissagree with you about the 8 series though. The thing is- the only people that pay attention to it are enthusiasts. Or people that know cars. (not most people now a days)