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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Your 1er gets lots of attention in a parking lot? I drove mine for 3 years and never had this happen. In my Exige it would happen pretty regularly but never in the 1er. I also love cars and love the 8 series but unless it's a rare CSi, I don't really bat a lash when I see one. FWIW, my buddy at work has a CSi and they're still hovering in that $20-30k context. I don't think he ever drives it.
Yeah, the 1 gets a lot of "what is that?" kind of attention. We don't have many valet type parking in NYC but we have lots of public garages with parking attendants. On the few occasions I've valet'd it (can valet be an adverb?) , I always get lots of questions and flattering type comments.

The car isn't even an interesting color - black on black. She's got Hartge Classics so I guess that dresses her up a bit, but, still.

At a typical Manhattan garage you have $100k+ vehicles stacked and racked and busting at the seams. You know. But, that stupid little 1 definitely stands out and gets attention. When I 'm parked in front of my bar-nightclub people are always eyeing the car. My security guards laugh about it. I've driven lots of decent cars and the only car which comes close to the amount of attention and comments would my old Lotus Esprit Turbo. Strange, right ?

Maybe it's New York thing? New York can be pretty strange lol

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