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Originally Posted by skinrock View Post
May not be perfect, but I'm very happy with mine. Everything in the interior feels very solid and responsive, and the dash and door trims are soft to the touch, not some cheap hard plastic. Not sure what you saw about the exterior in person that you didn't like, but mine looks great up close, especially the paint (black).

It was already said, but it's also only a quarter of the cost, so of course it's not going to be at the same level, but I've already gotten more compliments from strangers in one month than I ever did with my BMW (and yes, one guy said it looks like an Aston Martin).
Sorry maybe i did not clearly specify this. I thought it looked fine but not as defined and well proportioned like the Aston Martin. Then again, i would not be worked up. It's subjective opinion and if you are happy then that's all it matters. I also have a honda accord and people think it's boring, but to me it serves the purpose and feels great. I am sorry, i did not mean to offend you. If i did - I apologize.