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Originally Posted by MRSSIIM3 View Post
i pmed him. he said gintani. but i doubt its GTS software its probably really old 08 DCT software thats jerkier and gives the feel that its shifting faster, etc. last i checked, thats what gintani was using
The shifts are not jerkier at all under normal conditions (not spirited, D mode). With the other mods, the car now shifts like it is meant to when in sport mode. No delays on highways, no slipping clutch, etc. Just immediate (yes, more immediate than stock) shifting when demanded.

Many companies have a dct tune from my understanding (Gintani included). It was (from what I have read and heard) a performance tune patch from BMW that never hit mainstream as an update because it was too aggressive. Hence, it was adapted for the GTS. Again, no promises here, just what I have seen in these and other forums.

Bottom line, I am much happier with the shift response at highway speeds and from a launch. Feels like it was supposed to be this way.
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