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Originally Posted by exmowner
Originally Posted by SpeedyM3 View Post
Well it can, but they are recommending "blending it" because they didn't blend in the color when I got my new bumper and it looks way out of place and they painted it really white. I guess it's hard to come close to the color of mineral white so blending it would be the only way but I still don't get it
I know that between different paint brands there can be a colour difference.

If they blend the paint then your clear coat wont match the rest of the car in terms of orange peel. Also they will probably just mask the fenders and hood, that will leave a tape mark and in my opinion greatly depreciate the value of your car.

I couldn't stand the reflectors on the factory bumper so i ordered a euro bumper from iND pre painted by them and the match was 95% without them even seeing the car. My car is SGM also hard to match. I'd ship the bumper to iND if there are no other body shops in your area.
I'm trying this one, it has a lot of good reviews and is known to be the best paint bodyshop in town.