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Originally Posted by Jbrock22 View Post
How do you post a photo?
Feel your pain, it's definitely not intuitive posting here but after a while it makes sense and works. There are a number of ways to post but I prefer to upload to the forum so, I don't have to worry about it being hosted somewhere else.

I'm going to write a quick synopsis of how to go about posting images. Follow the steps below.

1. If you're already a forum member which I can clearly see you are, go to your account and you will find an album section on the left hand side. If you do not have an album, create one.

2. Once you have an album, you will have the option to upload images to this album.

3. Ok, now you've uploaded an image to this site. Once it's uploaded you can click on it to get the URL link you will need to be able to place it in your post.

4. You have the link now, how do you post it? When you create a new thread or reply to a post you will see an image icon in the row of options at top. When you click on the image icon you get a pop up and it is here where you place the URL link.

5. Put in the URL link and hit submit on your reply and poof, there it is.

Hope that helps.

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