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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
All I know is that there was a reason shah was put on a little temporary forum vacation in the past... I'm sure it had something to do with trolling.
No it was because I used a derogatory term to describe how it felt to grow up as the only foreign kid with an odd name in an all white town.

Growing up I had the fortune or great misfortune of meeting many small minded people. Regardless of their education, income or age.

So for me when I see this kind of thing I just look at them and smile.
After all what can you do? You scream at them they are vindicated and validated. You turn the tables on them and you are no better.

The world is filled with people who are in their own way short of substance and lacking in other aspects. You just have to live your life and surround yourself with those who you love and care about. And do your best to never put your self in a situation where due to matters in your control or otherwise....are "stuck" in a financial vehicle which prohibits your ability to be flexible.

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