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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Why do you care where a woman works? If you met a nice girl (unlikely, I know) who you really hit it off with but she found out you were a boring engineer and cut it off with you - wouldn't you think she was a raging c**t? I just don't understand why someone who seems so desperate for companionship would cut ties with a girl based on her career choice alone. You're thinking like a pre-teen girl looking for her prince. You're a man, act like one.
Simple live and learn.
My x was just that though I loved the girl and we had a good life together though she lacked and education and thus a stable career field.
I had the education I had the sable career field...I guess you can call it old fashioned?
But in this day and age with increasing costs of life you really do need two professional people to work to have a decent life.
So with that end her and i had a discussion about the future and we decided that she should follow her dreams of going to university.
Which when I was 27 was a non issue. When you are that age you are still building up your life and you are still learning and moving forward.
And a year before her graduation and about $25k in things went south. Hey such is life? You can never truly know what will come in life you just have to do your best and deal with it.

So now that i'm in my mid to late 30's it would be nice to find a woman who put as much thought into her career and her education as I have. And dating isn't hard, be nice, be smart, be well dressed and have a career and a voice and you are better off than a good number of the guys in the bar.

But this second time around, maybe i'm over thinking it....and most likely I am....I'm attempting to play it very very safe.
As I told a friend, to find an equal. To find someone who brings as much into the relationship as i do with respect to education, excitement and understanding.

Dates, friends with benefits or random hookups well that's not that hard. So when a friend suggested I was looking in the wrong spot i thought maybe he was on to something. But after doing some research I think that things have changed and what was once a decent idea of a paid match maker / networking agency has just become a scam. And I can see why, crowed sourcing is always easier and cheeper and more profitable.

OK well back to this thread being a shit storm. Thank you for your thoughts, i have a better view of things.....sometimes it's good to just have a sounding board. thank you king

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