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As others have stated, start slow and smooth. I'm glad others know your tracks as well, that's great input.
Camber plates are always a good purchase. Look into vorshlag and ground control as well. They are great products, and you may want to stick to a street plate to cut down on noise when you do street drive. It's usually not too bad, but why make the car louder than it needs to be?
Speed comes with smooth turns and transitions from gas to braking to turn in. Definitely listen to your instructors, and never feel pressured to go faster than you want before you are ready. It's easier to learn good/safe habits early, than to break them later. Also focus on turn in points and track out points and looking through the corner as others have stated. Smooth lines = fast times. If your passengers ever feel disoriented when they get out of the car, or have motion sickness, you're probably a little to aggressive. Feeling fast and being fast are usually 2 different distinctions that can be tough to differentiate between. Especially in the novice and intermediate drivers groups.
Welcome to the track junkie world! It's a tough sickness to treat...