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Originally Posted by Goat Rodeo View Post
Windshield glass is part of the structure of the car. Its ability to remain rigid is an important part of avoiding being crushed to death when the car flips. Identical looking but poorly manufactured products are commonplace on markets like eBay, an unscrupulous business owner could easily purchase unbranded glass from China off of eBay, put it in used PPI/BMW/etc. boxes, and sell it to every other customer and charge full price. Is this paranoia? Who cares, because it only takes a $300 surcharge to avoid it altogether.

For $288 (what I read above) more:
- Guaranteed OE. BMW's supply chain is controlled, tracked, and verified.
- Only the correct adhesives (perhaps the most important) used in the correct process.
- The correct dis-assembly and re-installation procedure. Nothing is worse than a shoddy repair which leaves behind a noisy or leaking windshield.

I could understand if the cost differential was significant, but we are talking 1/2 of a percent of the car's average MSRP.

If this was an aviation forum this wouldn't even be a question.

1. Wow, you sound super paranoid

2. This isn't an aviation forum

I have dealt w/ many A/M glass companies, and there's a reason that there's a market for A/M glass companies.. and they do very well