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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
Until recently there were no options. Is there something specific that you need that these and the stock ones don't provide you?
For my purposes, no. My car is strictly a street car. I'm just looking for something that is reasonably priced without sacrificing functionality of the OEM rotor design. Others might have different needs though. This thread wasn't really for myself as I'm not due for a rotor replacement for awhile. It was more to share with others that there are options out there. For me, OEM is cost prohibitive because of multiple reasons. There is only 1 dealer here so their parts markup is insane. Shipping to HI is crazy so add that on top of any price you would get online for OEM parts and its just as bad as buying from the local dealer or worse. If I'm going to have to spend that kind of dough (which is not that far from just getting a BBK), I would hope that there would be something on the aftermarket that would offer some type of benefit. Maybe a replacement that does have a reusable hat so that in the future, the replacement can be limited to just the ring instead of the whole assembly.
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