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Originally Posted by Nate4641 View Post
I'm probably going to start out with a Xd M and an AR15. I'm no stranger to shooting, but being single in the military and living in barracks all firearms have to be kept in the unit's armory. Unless if you like other people playing with your shit when you aren't around this is a bit of a deterrent. That and its a pain to get them out to go to the range on the weekend so I just avoided buying anything for the last 6 years. Luckily my parent's have warmed up to the idea of allowing me to keep a gun at their house (they already watch both my cars. Thats them in THEIR garage in my sig) although the last time I was home they told me too late and I wasn't able to buy anything with MD's 7 day wait.

I have a long, LONG list of guns I plan to buy, most of them are purely for fun and dont serve much of a functional purpose.

A .22 is definitely the perfect gun for a beginner to start out with. I've heard good things about the walthers

Yeah you should definitely get an ar15 before it's too late. I hear good things about XD's they seem to have great ergonomics and I think it's interesting how they combined popular features from Glock and 1911's, namely the trigger and grip safeties.

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