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Drives: 2005 ///M3
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Thanks for all the great info so far. I have no intention of making power mods to the car probably ever. At some point I'd love to get a new suspension (Motion Control w/ Hypercoil springs or similar) and a BBK, but both of those are off a ways and a lot more than my skills will need for a while I'm sure.

So far I have bought:
* SA2010 Helmet (HJC SA-12)
* New pads (PFC 01)
* New Fluid (Motul 600)

Now I am wondering if I should
1. Buy chamber plates and get those installed before I even start?
2. Replace the rear tires on my car because they are nearly worn and use my street wheels OR just bite the bullet and get a square 18" setup?
3. Buy my wife some flowers to arrive the day said parts arrive?