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Originally Posted by dmw16 View Post
Ugh. I was trying to do some research and figure how long I could expect them to last and I was worried this might be the case.

These will be my first 3 track events, does that help? Or will I still be out of tire before I get to my 3rd one?

Jefferson Circuit does not stress brakes or tires much at all. It is a low-demand track for two days. One day on Summit Main should be fine. You'll be figuring out the track and the only hard braking corners are 1 and sometimes 5. That gives your pads a fair rest. Check your pads between sessions (which you should be doing anyway) and aim for technique, vision and learning your turn geometry, turn-in and track-out points - not speed.

Always be aware of what your pads and tires are doing. Those three days will give you a good sense of pad wear. If you have concerns - discuss them with your Instructor. That is what he/she is there for.

I will be there at least on Monday (Main) - and possibly all three days. If you want to discuss anything - look me up.