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Originally Posted by Tora View Post
Here's the story:
Friday we drive down to Houston to close the deal on an new '12 328i Msport e92. Dealer had good specials since it was one of 2 remaining '12, and this one had only 20 miles on the ODO, and it was sold as NEW. We take delivery, arrive late back in Austin and enjoy the weekend. Fast forward to today when I decide to wash the car and detail it. Turns out as I am drying the car on the back bumper, I feel the microfiber cloth stop dead in its tracks. Upon further inspection, I can feel the bumper very rough, like if it was a frozen paint job. I get on all fours and see that the bumper has been repainted and there is a lot of over spray on the quarter panels!!! I look at the other side of the bumper (drivers), and the same story. You can tell where they just stopped sanding and try to mix the white, but it looks like they applied alpine white to a mineral white bumper!! By this point I am !!! I call my local SA and take the car to my local dealership. Sure enough, they point out that the car had been hit in the center of the bumper, and that the blending of paint was done on the sides as well as the sanding. He also points out overspray on the other back quarter panel, and how the whole paint area is filled with what can be described as dust stuck on the bumper and painted over (like if the paint area was out in the open and not in a controlled environment). Needless to say, he is also in shock that they did such a crappy job and even worse, that it was sold as NEW and this incident (car being involved in an accident) was never disclosed and neither the repainting. I am attaching crappy phone pictures, but here is where I need your help:
1) SA recommends to ask for a minimum of a NEW bumper, take it to the shop of my choosing for painting, and a complete detail on the car for the overspray (all at their expense of course).
2) Can I cancel the sale? I have huge trust issues arising out of the fact that this accident was never disclosed.
3) I have already contacted the Sales rep in Houston. He said that he was not aware of any repainting on the car, and that he was going to check with this manager. That was like 3 hours ago and I have yet to hear from him. EDIT: As I am writing this, he contacted me and said that the car in fact had "2 small scratches" that they couldn't buff out so they had to paint it. - Repaint a whole bumper for 2 scratches??? hmmmmmm I asked for #1 above, and he said he would get back to me.
4) Should I escalate this with BMWNA?? I know that BMWCCA can help with dealer issues..

Thanks guys for any input, I am so disappointed...

EDIT: Here is the video and sorry for my lack of skills. I was trying to show how the clear coat is ok at the top, so-so middle quarter panel (overspray) and non-existent at the bottom bumper. Also posted the link at page #3. Thanks for you input!

To the OP: I had almost the same thing happen to me at BMW Of Austin with my brand new 2012 X5M. They tried to sell me the car with prior paint work to the hood. They apparently got the car from Houston. I believe it was momentum. They just sent the car back to them and they just put it on their lot.

BMW of Austin damaged reordered a new car and damaged that one. They claim they never did it even when I have voice messages from the service advisor claiming they damaged it. I wrote reviews on every website I could find.

Don't bother with corporate they were useless and just ended taking a $20K loss. They told me not to come back to the dealer due to the reviews.
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