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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
For me, the term menacing has very little to do with a guns appearance. It has more to do with a guns purpose; what it was specifically designed for. Guns for military use are specifically designed to kill a lot of humans quickly. That's what makes them menacing guns. They were not originally designed for personal use by civilians yet their derivative versions are among the most popular guns sold today.

Your self righteous indignation is duly noted, but that doesn't change the facts.

A Pew poll shows the following:

85 percent of Americans support background checks
55 percent support an assault weapons ban
54 percent support a ban on high-capacity magazines

In the past notable republicans including Ronald Reagan supported reasonable gun restrictions including a ban on certain types of guns such as those described above. That was before Republicans were completely co-opted along with many Democrats by the NRA. The NRA says their interest is protecting citizen's rights to own guns, but truthfully their main concern is protecting gun manufacturers ability to make money.

You are (intentionally) overlooking the obvious but very important difference between BMWs and guns. BMWs are not designed to kill people.
If i've been through an extensive back ground check including mental health history. And the people in my household have been through the same. Why is it necessary to regulate what type of weapon i can own? If the law says i currently pose no threat to society by owning a gun, why tell me what kind i can and can't own?

I mean no disrespect but i believe you may be somewhat ignorant with regards to real figures on gun homicides and with firearms as a whole. As stated before an AR-15 is not a fully automatic rifle, also known as an Assault Rifle. The fully automatic feature is what separates it from a standard semi-automatic rifle or hand gun for that matter. With out that feature is is simply a rifle, most commonly used for target shooting, competition shooting and yes, hunting. I know several friends including myself who hunt with AR-15s. it's a great varmint gun and works very well as a hog gun from my experience.

Also, as stated before the vast majority of firearm homicides in this country are committed by hand guns. In fact, over the last 30 years deaths by mass shootings make up 500 deaths compared with 500 firearm deaths in 2012 alone in Chicago. Of those 500 deaths, over the whole 30 years only about 55 of those deaths were committed with a rifle. When you look at over all firearm death statistics you'll find that in a given year only .0005% of all firearm deaths were perpetrated with a long gun. (rifles & shotguns) All the rest, 99.995% were done with hand guns.

With that data ascertained by the same information the government has access to, why would they target AR-15s over hand guns when clearly hand guns pose a much more serious threat than rifles?

This lack of logic points to the government having a different agenda than actually curbing gun violence. To a gun owner and advocate, this seems like an agenda to disarm law abiding citizens.

Maybe this has more to do with the latest victims of a mass shooting being rich white children. And in government eyes this takes precedence over the young black males shooting each other in inner cities. I don't know which but i do know that my weapons are safe and will not be used to inflict harm on anyone that is not intent on inflicting harm on me or my family.

The facts are facts and when law makers ignore them, a portion of the people become outraged by their actions.
"There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice. -Charles de Secondat"