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My first encounter with an M3 was in 1995 at the local dealership. That was the year the E36 M3 first came out. They had one on the lot, which I just happened to see (was looking at another vehicle there). It caught my eye and I talked to the salesman a bit about it. I knew I had to have one, but could not come close to affording one at that time.

Flash ahead to 1998...I found a great deal on a 95 M3 and bought it. FUN car. I ended up modifying it all the way up to an AA turbo set-up. I started tracking and got hooked. I kept the car for about 3 years, then sold it. After I sold it, I bought a Tacoma and a 125cc shift cart and went road racing. I raced at Sear's Point (Infineon), Thunderhill, etc. It was fricken awesome. However, the wife got pregnant and decided carting was not the safest thing in the world. (LOL). So I sold the cart and truck.

In about 2002, I bought a 97 M3/4. This one I modified as much as I could without going to forced induction. I managed to get a 75 WHP gain out of the car. It was a perfectly balanced track car (which I drove around town too). So much fun. I tracked my a$$ off with that car and started instructing to help feed my habit (if you instruct, your sessions are free -- so I tracked all the fricken time!).

In about 2005, I sold the car and bought a 2004 996 GT3. I tracked the shiet out of that car too.....then I started getting burnt out on tracking. The last year I owned the car, it sat a lot. It is too rough to roll in everyday, especially with a little kid. 2008, I sold it.

In June 2008, I ordered an E90 M3/4. I took delivery at the end of July, 2008 and still have it. After 4.5 years of ownership, I have 19,000 miles on it. NONE of those miles are track time (told you I got burnt out!). I drive it to work once in a while when it is "nice" outside. lol I have done some mods to it, but nothing crazy.

I don't think I have ever owned a car longer than 3 years. I have had my 2008 M3 for 4.5 years already, and I still love it. When I do decide to drive it, I end up with that "wow" factor all over again....

That's my M story.... I am excited to see the new M when it comes out. I doubt I will jump on it as soon as it comes out, but you never know. :-)
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