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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Why do you care where a woman works? If you met a nice girl (unlikely, I know) who you really hit it off with but she found out you were a boring engineer and cut it off with you - wouldn't you think she was a raging c**t? I just don't understand why someone who seems so desperate for companionship would cut ties with a girl based on her career choice alone. You're thinking like a pre-teen girl looking for her prince. You're a man, act like one.

this guy gets it.......

first of all, he’s an engineer – you take away 30% of what a normal person would call common sense.

I work with a metric ton of engineers and some of them are isolated mid 30 year old shitbirds that laugh at jokes that ain’t funny and wear a wireless ear piece because they think it’s cool.

they wear white socks with black shoes and their pants are 3” too short.

most women his age wouldn’t touch him with their worst enemy’s vagina because of the following:

(1) he’s in his mid 30’s and is divorced
(2) he’s bald and looks like the retarded version of the guy from The Fantastic Four
(3) by dissecting his posts, he seems to lack any sense of how relationships work
(4) his condo is a grease fire of a place and he’s brutally in debt – what educated and financially stable woman wants to risk jumping into a relationship with Mr. Bald Bitch Tits that is $100K in debt !??!
(5) he’s looking for a woman that exists, but that woman is already with someone that wouldn’t be caught dead in a relationship with him
(6) odds are that we’ll be here next year, or in two years, talking about how he hasn’t found anyone and that his new BFF is some gay dude he met on some random dating site.

He is clearly bitter and selfish, but he posts online pretending that he is the biggest catch in the northeast.

………..when in all actuality, he’s a gross fatty-divorced-has-been with no hair, $100K debt and the personality of a wet sock……