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Originally Posted by robotk View Post
Interesting - you are right that people who buy M3s don't usually cross shop GT500s.

How do the two compare? I was reading a little on the mustang - the gearing sounds crazy (although the '12 is not as nuts on the torque as the '13).
That has been my point kind of on the thread. They don't compare in my book. They drive, handle, feel, ride, sound completely different. GT500 is white knuckle straighline haul ass fun and excitement. If you are just cruising around they are boring as hell and the interior just doesn't compare. Yes you get A LOT of everywhere you go. Having said that I never took it to the track so all the track comparisons etc I cannot comment on.

The M3 is no where near the torque. I feel way more in control of the car. You can drive it harder and it won't let loose. The GT would bite you if you did not respect it. Not saying the M3 wouldn't do the same but not like the GT.

Lastly, and the reason I sold it. It was BORING. If you are not hammering it, the car just sucks cruising around. The community of GT500, Boss and Shelby owners are also just boring. I felt like I was 60 or something they all like to hang out with their hoods open and talk about the cars they used to have in the 60's and 70's. I got nothing there.

Again all this is my own personal opinion from owning and driving both. No need to flame, throw out a bunch of stats or anything else you want to. Just my humble opinion.

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