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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
For me, the term menacing has very little to do with a guns appearance. It has more to do with a guns purpose; what it was specifically designed for. Guns for military use are specifically designed to kill a lot of humans quickly. That's what makes them menacing guns. They were not originally designed for personal use by civilians yet their derivative versions are among the most popular guns sold today.
Ah, interesting...

Military weapons have been banned for civilians for quite some time. Weapons for the military and law enforcement are designed completely differently and function differently as well. You're focused on the looks. You're relying on what you see in the movies instead of doing research and (gasp) picking up a weapon with your own two hands.

There is fundamentally no difference between an AR-15 and many types of hunting rifles out there. It's all COSMETIC. But you'd know that if you actually ever saw a gun in real life.

Also, I won't argue with you on the NRA though. They do good things for gun rights, but they also go overboard quite a bit IMHO. Some things I agree with them on, but some things I don't, even though I am a member. They usually take the stance that if "we give an inch, they will take a mile" referring to the government. So they often refuse to budge at all.

I also don't disagree about background checks. They should be done for everyone, and should be thorough. However, any "assault weapons" ban needs to be clearly defined. Of the 55% you mentioned, how many of them know what a real assault weapon is? The term in and of itself is nonsense, as all weapons can be used to assault (a deer, a squirrel, a person). A muzzle loader that fires one round at a time can be used to "assault" someone. How does that term even make sense to people? It goes to show that the public and a lot of the leadership have very limited knowledge. How about we try a logical approach? Enforce background checks, checking for history of mental illness, enact education on gun safety and operation (to include so called "assault weapons")... There's a lot that can be done to enforce current regulation instead of enacting new legislation that does not/will not accomplish much.
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