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Originally Posted by Heckler
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I guess he got a break on a high milage car (41K Miles / 66,000 KM is quit a number).

Nice deal anyway.
Yep, basically... Car was at a "local" (~100miles away) BMW dealership and was a lease return (PO had it for ~22 months and put on ~39K miles, though I was told those were mainly highway miles due to PO's business/home(s) being in three locations spread across Central/Southern California). But, they'd had it in inventory for ~7 months...

It was not CPO'd and I didn't get a BMW extended warranty (it was/is still in original warranty for ~19 months or ~9K miles of my ownership, I figure I'll find any major issues by then). Due to all the whiz bang of the Engine/DCT/Diff and the Electronics, I am considering getting a 3rd-party extended warranty before the original expires (so I can use my independent), and am open to suggestions/recommendations...
Fidelity Warranty Services (JM Family Enterprises) has awesome extended warranties... Greatest customer service as well. Yeah yeah I work for the company, but even so, the company prides itself on customer service and ensuring customers are always taken care of. Ok, done plugging. Do some research though, and consider fidelity warranty (FWS)