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Originally Posted by Munit View Post
Not really. First from the overall thrust. Gear 1 goes to manual but after that DCT has more thrust in every gear and significantly more in 3rd gear which is a very common track gear as well.

Second part of the arguement of why DCt goes with the m3 is due to having to keep the revs up which means lots of shifting. Lots of shifting constantly with a few clicks is much quicker than each manual shift and if you have to shift a lot, the seconds with each shift (miliseconds) adds up in time and simply effort.
Maybe I am reading the charts wrong (and it's hard not to, without labeled axis or any sort of reference) but I see identical thrust in 1st and 2nd gears and maybe a 10% difference in 3rd gear.

Unlike the 6spd in the M5, the car would not be at a significant disadvantage if shifts speed were held constant.

Obviously shifting manually takes longer, but nobody cares.