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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
Are you 6MT or DCT? Both of the 600 kit cars I know are DCT. Not sure that has anything to do with it, but just curious. Regardless, I'm glad the intercooled kits are performing well for you guys. I guess there aren't many guys with 535 kits doing many track days. I'd love to hear more from those guys.
First of all--impressive driving and lap times for only having 16 track days under your belt.

Your data overlay is informative. While you achieved a slightly higher max speed at several points on the track with the supercharger setup, you consistently maintained higher speeds through the slow sections/corners with the naturally aspirated setup. Maybe this has to do with what you mentioned earlier--that throttle response feels more linear and easier to modulate with the NA setup--so it's easier to maintain momentum in those slow sections. The supercharger runs look more point-n-squirt in nature. (This is just my guess at interpreting your data. I'm by no means a pro, either, only having 25 or so track days under my belt.)

Forum member arter is running an ESS 535 supercharger on his M3 and he frequents the track. Maybe he can offer some of his insights as well.
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