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Originally Posted by M3RD View Post
I guess he got a break on a high milage car (41K Miles / 66,000 KM is quit a number).

Nice deal anyway.
Yep, basically... Car was at a "local" (~100miles away) BMW dealership and was a lease return (PO had it for ~22 months and put on ~39K miles, though I was told those were mainly highway miles due to PO's business/home(s) being in three locations spread across Central/Southern California). But, they'd had it in inventory for ~7 months...

It was not CPO'd and I didn't get a BMW extended warranty (it was/is still in original warranty for ~19 months or ~9K miles of my ownership, I figure I'll find any major issues by then). Due to all the whiz bang of the Engine/DCT/Diff and the Electronics, I am considering getting a 3rd-party extended warranty before the original expires (so I can use my independent), and am open to suggestions/recommendations...

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