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Originally Posted by trendy26 View Post
Definitely up for debate on whether or not I'm one of those bad drivers... I definitely have my moments out there, but it's usually caused by someone who is just an aweful, stupid driver.

To be honest, could a 16 yr old handle an M3? Of course. But odds are, the normal 16 yr old kid wouldn't understand everything that can happen if the car is misused. Being that young is all about making mistakes. Hell, I've made my fair share and still do. When it comes to a fast car though, alot of the times a stupid mistake can cost you big time - Injuries, your life, etc.

I mean my first car was an Integra GS-R. 170hp car that probably was dumb for me to have at the time. I'm fortunate that nothing bad happened to me from owning that car because I did my fair share of dumb shit in that car - hitting 140MPH on countless occasions, bieng carelss on the road, etc. That, and I didn't understand the responsibility that came with taking care of a nice car. You learn that as you get older.

Would I have given anything to drive an M3 at 16? HELL YES! At the same time, I'm glad I didnt because I may not be here today and/or there would've been an M3 beat to shit out there!
I agree and it's all true of what you said but let's just see what's going to happen to me. Thanks,