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Yet Another BPM Sport + Mike Benvo Tune

Hey everyone! This will be my official review of Mike Benvo's BPM Sport stage 2 tune since I purchased it in the group buy around the holidays.

Long story short, I had ordered the tune and was not shipped until the GB was over. Perfectly fine! Mike was available each and every time I PM'ed/Texted him about the tune and its details. This was probably the easiest transaction I had done for the car. I was not in town when the tune cable came--as I work in NYC and do not commute home on the weekends. I live with family up here and drive my company sponsored toyota corolla to put around in. Anyways, my father ended up using his laptop and worked with Mike to successfully put the tune onto my car. These are the options of the tune: Stage 2 tune for Catless exhaust , removed cold start, removed top speed limiter, increased redline to 8600 RPMS, max RPM decrease when care is cold, and did not opt for launch control just yet. Waiting till the spring to do that.

I had brought the M3 to the dealer in October for a brake squeal and routine maintenance, and I asked them to update/re program the entire car. I told them the latest version (knowingly at the time) was 231E. They said no problem, and assured me the car was up to date a couple hours later. It turns out the car was indeed updated to 240E! WHOO!

Tune Process (In words of my father):
"Super simple." The whole process took no longer than 20 minutes, and it was the smoothest and most simple process the car could have gone through. I told my dad to take it out and to tell me how it felt. He said it felt amazing and wait until you get home. So indeed, I spent the next few days sitting at work just wondering how much better the car could actually be.

Driving Experience(s):
What. The. Fuck. is all I could say/think. Upon first start up I immediately noticed the RPMS dropped to idle within 5 seconds and did not linger above 1200 RPMS. It was nice and mellow. Very pleasing when it is very early in the morning and car sounds as mild as it was before--albeit with the signature "VROOM" as soon as it turns over. I noticed the maximum RPMs for when the car is cold dropped a bit lower, so the first 15 minutes I took it easy. As I drove around my subdivision and came to the main entrance where the road is perfectly straight for over a 1/2 mile to either the right or the left, turned off DSC, and pulled out.....WOW. I went all the way up to the new 8600 RPM redline and as soon as I shifted into second, I noticed the tires were spinning just a bit more than usual. The weather was almost 67 degrees at the time, and I had warmed up the tires just before I took off out of my neighborhood. The shifts to 2nd and 3rd BOTH left the tires chirping and spinning. The engine just sounds so much more AWESOME and different, especially for the split second after 8500 RPMS. I cannot describe it--it just sounded SICK!

There is so much more ample power at the bottom end, but in between 4500-7000 rpms--this is where it REALLY shines. The car just keeps pulling and pulling so much harder than it did before. I looked down and I was doing over 110 mph at the exact same spot where I have usually hit 100-102, and I knew immediately that I got there quicker than I did before.

I can't go on anymore. The tune is amazing. It took the combination of my drop in filter, custom exhaust, and turner test pipes and just made it all shine. I can't say enough about this tune, but more importantly, can't say enough about the customer service Mike provided before, during, and even after the process. That can't be said of many other people. Mike, thank you SO much for creating such an awesome service and product for us. Stellar!

For those on the fence about what tune to get or if you are unsure about Mike Benvo's tune--every second that you waste takes a year off the life of your M3. Just kidding, but you know--just do it.
2008 (07/08) E92 M3 BPM Stage II Tuned by Mike Benvo, 6MT, Turner Test Pipes, Magnaflow Custom Catback Exhaust (Magnaflow X Pipe, secondary cat delete, Aero Resonators and Helmholtz Chambers),Vorsteiner CF Lip, Hamann Style CF rear diffuser, CF Rear Decklid Spoiler, BMW Performance Kidney Grills, CF Side Grills, OEM GTS Wheels, K&N Drop-In Filter, GP Thunder 8k Angel Eyes, Painted Reflectors.

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