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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
Well I know 2 guys who track their vt600 kits and their cars both overheat to the point of getting high temp warnings so I'd rather stay with the 535 if I had to keep the kit. And yes, this is pretty much every session in any weather condition.
I just tracked over 80 laps at Big Willow with my ESS VT2 625 between two days within two weeks and never once did my oil temp needle increase beyond what it normally does during everyday driving. The only thing that happened was destroyed stock brakes. The VT2 kits have a significant cooling advantage since they keep IAT's way down comparatively. Cooler IAT's means cooler engine oil temps.

Your results aren't shocking at all. I personally would never do a non-intercooled kit if the intent is anything but daily driving in a cool temp climate. Once you start tracking, your IAT's will get so hot you are essentially back to stock power. What's the point? You just added 40 pounds to the front of your car? I don't know why you just didn't try a water/meth kit just to test it out (they are cheap) but it's your car.
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