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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Hmm, mine's an early run Tegiment and certainly shows wear. More dents than scuffs, and nearly all are from rubbing on the inside of the bracelet (so who cares?), but it still doesn't seem as impervious as a friend's Bremont or even the similar, SUG made Damasko watches.
I'd agree, they're not as invincible as people lead on. Still I love both of mine. My regular U1's bracelet shows a lot of wear, but its not tegimented. The bead blast finish shows more wear (IMO) versus a brushed or polish 316L case/bracelet.

My SDR actually has a strange scratch/mark across the PVD bezel. I was trying to sell it, but it seems no one wants it because of this. I dropped the price to what I consider a bargain and no takers, so I'm just going to keep it and use it as a beater.