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Originally Posted by VMcV3y View Post
Okay, I'm glad this post came up. And the one by m3an also

I've got ~22,000 miles on the car in just over 52 weeks. There's noticeable sandblast-ing on the glass. I thought it was because the M3 sits lower to the ground... but in the back of my mind, it seemed like there was much more of this than there should be.

Then, last week, the glass got hit by debris from a truck in front of me. It made a really small dent in the glass. It was an impact that I thought would, in all of my previous vehicles, caused a fracture. But it did not. Might be the "softness" of the glass took the impact without spreading.

Anyhow, I was thinking about replacing the glass soon -- not because of the tiny dent -- but because I do NOT like seeing the sandblast-ing on the windshield when the sunlight is anywhere to the front or near-front.

Thanks, all.- V.
Glass can be polished so you can remove most of the light imperfections..not chips of course