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Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
Just from my own anecdotal experience through friends, family, and associates. I think specifically targeting what you want in a woman, and disregarding those without the specific qualities you're looking for is a quick route to failure. Most of the time those people end up old, single, and lonely. Why? Because what they want isn't often what they need, and they tend to pass up what could have been a natural, organic, relationship ripe for success, in the lame hope of pursuing some fantasy that has no chance for success.

I call it Google Syndrome. People get too specific in their searches, and end up getting very little positive results. Successful relationships aren't about being calculative, in fact, those people are the ones I see failing the most. They're about chemistry and the ability for two sides to develop naturally and not artificially.

I think the Desert Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. But back when I lived in Seattle, I tried bringing a pot back with me, and they always died. I must have brought back 2-3 pots over the course of a few years and every time, they died in days. It ends up Seattle has far too much moisture in the air for these flowers to thrive, hence why they flourish in arid deserts. You can't fight nature shah, you just can't. Sometimes things were meant to be together, and sometimes, nothing you can do can keep them together.

That's why I think these "themed" dating sites are a big waste of time.
Thank you.....really thank you.....I'm going to have to think about this.
God it's this freakin economy. If my condo were not under water by $100K+ i would care less if the girl had an education or not or a job and would/could just chill and relax and date to enjoy life.....

But you know seeing what I owe and what the place is under by and all the other financial pressures.....would it be silly andd asking for too much if i said I just want to find a girl who has her shit together?

I mean shucks the girls in the burbs are in their 30's...and some in the mall?