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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
It's still a new car, no?

Yes, but that's the law. Car companies vehicles get damaged in transit all hte time. Hence the reason for repair shops near ports. If the damages are under a certain threshold then they tech. don't have to disclose it. Yes it sucks, but it's true. This is also where "Caveat Emptor" applies. You took the car and didn't notice it either.

Not being a dick, but this is teh reality. If they make good on it, it's their perogative and a courtesy to keep a customer. Otherwise don't sweat the small stuff; you still drive a BMW, right?
I don't have an issue with the damages at port, shipping etc.. I have an issue with a damage that was incurred at the dealership and was not disclosed and was not done properly. Ok, by law they don't have to disclose it - I get that. But at least do a correct job and not leave the bumper feeling like sand paper with 2 tones of paint. I also understand Caveat Emptor, but like I mentioned earlier - It is supposed to be a new car with no issues.. Lessoned learned and I will touch ALL panels for my next purchase, take a paint meter and perform a PPI by a third party - similar to buying a USED car...
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