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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
Saying without a pro driver you can't evaluate the part is disingenuous.. he's reporting his results with a part. News flash: none of you are pro drivers either. If he can't get better lap times out of the supercharger for whatever reason, then chances are, those reasons might apply to you too. Identifying the reasons is fine, but lets not go overboard with the "you're not a pro driver, your results don't matter" nonsense.
My point was actually validated; it is not that you need a pro driver, you need a pro-level driver who can lap consistently. Mark has since reported that consistency was a factor: slower cornering speeds especially in the corkscrew on the best lap caused the SC'd setup to run a time slower than NA.

Also, FWIW, I know there are a couple pro level drivers who frequent these boards and though I am a finance guy and not a pro racer , I was blessed with the opportunity to have driven with a pro team for a season when I was in undergrad.

Testing requires a very consistent driver and optimally also includes software capable of attributing lap discrepancies to power, individual cornering speeds, etc.

Mark is quite fast for having only done 16 track days and is taking the necessary steps to get faster including data analysis and performing the right steps to make the car consistent.
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