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Originally Posted by Purple Derple View Post
Well I didn't intend to sound critical, I am just chiming in on what I see here and attempting to lend an explanation. We would all certainly expect that on two cars with the same set up and weight, the one with more power would put up better times. What about the thing about the lap times vs avg speed? That doesn't make sense to me.
All things being equal, more power on the same lap should be faster; but by how much? With much more power, you'd be forced to get on the power a little bit later unless you are really pro at modulating; an HPDE-type driver might just flat out be more cautious on the throttle due to that.

Then you're going to accelerate more on the straights, requiring an earlier braking zone; again an HPDE type driver might over or under-brake causing corner speeds to be inconsistent and since the car has so much more power, the tendency might be to overbrake so you can get on the power earlier, whether you know you're doing it or not.

Without adding grip, aero, or decreasing weight, adding power is a diminishing returns game... yes every little bit helps (to an extent) but adding more and more isn't always better and better.

You guys sitting here saying his driving is the culprit are ignoring the obvious: 1:44 is a pretty good time for an HPDE driver at Laguna in an N/A M3. He added a part and then took it back off, and noticed not much change.

But lastly, is anyone really surprised that a non-intercooled supercharger heatsoaked badly and didn't make a huge difference at the track? We aren't talking about 1/4 miles or 15 second airport runs here, where that type of setup would see its maximum potential.