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Originally Posted by av2 View Post
I totally agree and that's why most exotics have such low mileages. Dead on with the "sweet spot" cars.
I don't know if I agree with this. I think most exotics have such low milage, because when people buy them new, they don't want to put on milage because of re-sale. One guy I know buys a new Ferrari every year and half or so. He averages 500 miles/year. The reason for this is so that he can sell the car back to the dealership for almost no loss. Personally, I find that silly. However, for him it's more about having the car than driving it.

I bought a 5 yo F430 with 4700 miles on it. I'm the third owner. The second owner had the car for a year and put in around 20 K dollars worth of work (headers, cats, clutch, F1 pump, new wheels/tires) and drove it 135 miles! In 4 months, I put on 3000 miles on it. I personally don't care about the milage, because I bought it down on the depreciation curve (80K less than sticker). The way I think about it is that I bought the car at a price of a 911 turbo, so I'm not going to worry about it. I drive it hard and I don't hesitate to take it on longer trips. Of course, it's not a car to take to the grocery store or a DD, but I knew that when I bought it. For me, I totally love it. The sound, the looks, the handling, and the F1 is just sublime.

I've had many 911's (GT3, turbo, C2S) and Astons. They are all great cars, but the Ferrari is just different. Of course it's not going to be as reliable and maintenance costs are going to be higher, but that's to be expected. Someone mentioned that, like women, the chase is the fun part. For sure the chase is fun, but it's still nice to snuggle with Kate Upton at the end of the night