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Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
shah, when it comes to women and marriage, you think like a 23 year old jock. I don't foresee you'll ever find any sustainable happiness with women carrying the mindset you have, but maybe you don't want something fulfilling and long term, and the sex is all you want. That's fine too, I'm not going to judge.

But as a poster, you're pretty funny, and I hope you keep posting. It makes this forum just a bit more entertaining.
Well there is the way we are online and they way we are in life.
Seldom are they the same?
when it comes to women, i've lived i've learned and i've been around.
And that's good and bad.

But my conversation with my friend was regarding finding an educated career driven women to date and see if things turn out ok?
Finding the random hook up is not difficult. A simple “Hi how are you” pick up line will open more doors than you can shake a stick at.
And dressing well and smelling well and not spending the entire conversation looking at a girls tits will also help.

The crux of this thread, before it became a shit tornado, was yes finding the random hook up is easy but if you are looking for an educated, career minded and athletic women out in the burbs you may be looking for a very long time and she may be looking for you as well. And my friend who was in the same predicament back in the early 2000’s before okcupid or utilized an executive dating service.
He subsequently met his wife that way. She had graduated with a MS in I think manufacturing and had a career and is frankly an amazing women. And I agreed with my friend that of the various women I have dated, that the women who had higher lever degrees were just a joy to date. Not only was the sex amazing….but the conversations and the debates were….perfect.

Ever try and discuss economics with a woman who’s career goal is to be assistant manager of the Guess?

So I googled executive dating and my god…talk about creepy! And the reviews! You would think these people were drop kicking kittens into wood chippers and stealing money from needy old ladies! And I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them? Since I know nothing about such services other than that train wreck of a show millionaire match maker.