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Originally Posted by badazzm View Post
In general, e46 M3 owners do have more attitude than e92 M3 owners. Yesterday, I gave a nod to a convertible graphite e46 M3 owner at the fisherman's wharf while waiting at a light. He had his top down and just stared at me while passing. Did no nod back or anything. And he was old. Like mid 30's. Some people need to get off their high horses.
Ha! funny to hear "thirties" as being old... at the Berkeley meet this past saturday there was an older fellow in a E46M3. he couldnt help but to act a little arrogant cause he had some shiny wheels that my friend was checking out. full disclosure, i think they were some generic BS wheel too... however the the guy just started braggin about turning heads as he drives by...
sheeesh... does anyone remember the definition of being humble?

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