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Hey that was a great photo!
You have me...looking all amazing and a very nice designer vacuum.
Actually you have to have fun when it comes to online dating. You do!
It's a joke. And that photo is a result of a lost bet.
I bet my skinny ass friend Erin that she could not do 10 pull ups...if she lost she would have had to put a photo of herself cleaning her house in her bikini up on the dating web page and if i lost well...thank god i just had to be topless. =)
But I did win the bet with my friend Carla, she had to put up a photo of herself in an adult onezy of my choosing! If I had lost that one I had to put a picture of my self skydiving in my boxer briefs and let me tell you…125mph wind blast and human body…nothing pretty to see there!
My thinking has and always will be not to take life too seriously, even those who spew vitriolic negative vibes.

Well shame this thread went to shit. I was wondering what people get for $3k invested in one of these very creepy executive dating services and why when you read the reviews they come across as such horrible places and how they stay in business.