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Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
WHAT????? Buddy you are obviously in way over your head in this area of expertise. The worst type of person, is a person who has no clue and pretends that he understands!
Munit is still waiting for a refutation toward anything he said..... and to be honest, so am I. At least two people have knocked his post so far, but no-one has said what particular thing(s) in it is/are incorrect or crazy. Granted, his big post isn't written in the most elegant way. But what's wrong with saying " the feeling of speed and acceleration is actually thrust which is engine torque+gearing, NOT just engine torque"? It seems to me that's the brunt of what he's trying to explain/discuss.

See this thread for a little more info:
And this one on another site for an M3 vs C5 Corvette Z06 real-world torque comparsion: The M3's torque at the wheels is quite comparable and sometimes even higher than the Vette's despite a 100+ lb-ft engine torque difference.
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