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Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
WOW looks like i started shit storm...didn't mean to do that....and well hey if you can't laugh at yourself you should not laugh at others.
And having grown up as the only foreign kid in an all white wonder bread upstate NY town, I am sadly use to being called names. But hey small minds…what can I say?
I could have argued with them when I was young but well did the education and travel thing and now half of them find me on face book and ask me if my division is hiring?

So go figure?

The reason I started this is rather simple, I have a masters in business, I travel as often as possible, try to live a healthy and exciting life and I don’t want to have kids.
And I’ve dated younger, and it was fun. I dated single moms…and that was not fun and I’ve dated my own age but lacking an education and well that was just frustrating.
Looking back on my relationships the best were those with women who had a good head on their shoulders. Not only was the sex great but we also had a good time together. But sadly I made a rather large mistake about 8 years ago and bought a condo in the burbs and now I’m stuck here. Which stinks because in the burbs many of the single girls are either as stated above single moms or uneducated or…just really fucked up. So my “viable” dating pool within 30 or so miles is very limited.

Which is exactly what my good friend encountered when he was single in his mid 30’s in the early 2000. To which he turned to executive dating. I’m guessing that was before all the online dating web pages? So after my talk with my friend I went online and did some research and my god…first off these places charge an amazing rate. $3k! for one year for their services. And when you read the reviews…wow they sound horrible! Not only in their business practices but also with respect to who joins up?

But then again, who really writes positive reviews? You never take your time to state on line that something is great…you only go online to state that something sucks?

Thus why I asked.

Now back to your regularly scheduled shit storm.
nobody cares.

no wonder you can't get laid - just look at how you post and the pictures you take, dude.

your fucking life is nothing short of a tragedy - you're a hybrid 40 year old virgin hipster with zero communication skills and a shallow mind.

you fit perfectly with the "engineering" culture - lifeless, lacking any usable common sense, detached from anything resembling a life and you're clearly an unstable dumpster fire.....

that wife of yours waited 10 years to finally leave your pathetic ass, but when she did, i'm sure she felt relieved to break those chains of misery you kept her trapped in.

grow up dude - go out and meet living breathing people.

stop getting your advice from your gay friends and those retarded late 30 year old hipster bimbos.

something tells me that you'll never have a meaninful relationship with anything that doesn't meow.....

good day sir......

your threads fucking suck