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Originally Posted by Bmw135er View Post
So you think max power across the rpms is the best tune? Interesting...
Personally I'd sacrifice a bit here and there for a car that ran smooth as glass and had better longevity. Unless of course you didn't realize that on a dyno you're measuring power at full throttle? Since that accounts for less than 10% of the time in which the average owner drives their car, it seems pretty irrelevant to me.
Go buy a 335, slap a single on it and hit a dynojet. You'll get your number and maybe that would keep you from trolling the M3 board. Then you may have the best tune haha!
I lean towards the measurable results, not the subjective results, so I would like to see the Dynojet SAE results. Just about everyone says their car runs better after a tune, regardless of who made the tune, so there are your subjective results. Besides, if you have the Dynojet SAE results, you will inevitably get the subjective results from the owners, but the converse is not necessarily true.