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Originally Posted by kleach18 View Post
Its a lotus frame/unibody.... The only other thing that is lotus on it it the windshield and doors. When they actually insure it it has a lotus VIN # from what I read online.. So basically I could take a rx7 uni body and stick a big chevy motor in it and redo the body and call it my car that I produce??? That's why I don't get this car... They basically take a 40k car stick a LS9 in it and stick a custom carbon fiber body in it and call it their car.. Its a quick way to get around them actually building a chassis and getting by all the testing that is required by the fed government regulations..

I don't know, it just doesn't seem right. That and they sell these things for 1 million dollars... To each their own though. If they can make a buck on it without another car company suing them then go for it.

On a side note, that thing seems amazing (in a straight line anyways). I'd like to see how this thing compares to the super cars it's compared to in the turns..
Jeez... I didn't know all that! I would take 2 Aventador over this lol