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Originally Posted by I35it View Post
Okay so I am looking at a 2010 m3 sedan 6m with;

-tech package
-comfort access
-47k miles


I test drove it and it was my first M3 that I have ever tested or rode in and its loud and raw. THe ehxaust seems loud, and I may get burned for this but the m3 just doesnt have that kick a turbo has. But it handles great and I love it.

Also test drove a 2012 Audi S4 6M with everything but that sport diff for the same price but with 24K miles on it. I am on the fence on both right know and I just cant figure out what to do. I still love my BMW's and I have always have had a soft spot forM3's seadans but I just need some guidance. Thanks for all your time!

The M3 doesn't develop power like a FI engine where you get the near instant torque. It is linear and easier to control. It's a personal choice. I would recommend taking it for a test drive to be sure it is a good fit for you.

On the S4, the Sports Diff is the defining piece of hardware for that car. If you plan on driving on roads with curves, it is a must-have.

Between the M3 and S4, different cars with each having pros-n-cons. Fair to say, only you can decide.