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I really like everything about the 981 cayman except for the engine and depreciation rate compared to the 911. I thought about waiting for one, but when I did my research this summer I looked at how much a boxster S would cost and figured to throw 2 to 3k more to that price and it would be between 80 to 90k so I decided I would look at used 997.2 and used 991.

My gf thinks I should've waited as she thinks the cayman is a way sexier car, but I didn't want to wait that long and I didn't like that caymans depreciate a lot worse than the 911. I hope to keep my car for a long time, but if I ever needed to sell it at least I would have a few more bucks in my pocket.

Porsche should just put a 350 hp engine in the cayman/boxster. No way they put a engine at 400 hp or close to it in the 981, but 350 hp would really be enough for those who those say its too slow. The weight and mid engine platform advantage of the 981 would offset the power advantage that other cars in the sub 100k ball park.