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Picked up a McLaren Mp4-12C 2013 model! + Pics of Super Cars In Taiwan

So I just got back from Taiwan again, and had the usual vacation. Drove cars, looked at cars, and overall had fun. Last time my dad surprised me with a Ferrari that he never mentioned to be before. That story is in this thread:

This time he went ahead and picked up a McLaren. Thought I'd share again with the fantastic Bimmer community here.

Its a new 2013 model so it has more power, 592 to 617 horsepower....and it has other minor improvements from the 2012 model such as transmission responsiveness, cabin sound, suspension, weight, carbon fiber parts, and a wider variety of paint, leather, and wheel options for customization. It was fun driving the Ferrari to go pick up a McLaren! Sadly I was never able to get a video of it being driven like I did with the Ferrari as that day we were just taking delivery and filling out paperwork and getting licences etc. However I was able to take many pics and rev the engine. Out of respect for my dad, I didn't take it past 4k RPM heh.

Here are the pics, forgive the crappy iPhone 4S camera quality.

I also added some other pics of cars on my vacation, hope you enjoy!

Here's the key! Strange looking pod.

Here's me revving the engine ever so slightly. I gotta say, I really had to restrain myself...

Here's a slight walk around of the car. Love those headlights!

Here's opening the door, just gotta slide ur hand under it towards the back of the car!

Here are the rest of the pics of cars in Taiwan. I finally got a decent camera! Didn't get to use it on the McLaren though.


Ferrari 458 Novitec

Short walk around.

Ferrari in Race Mode

Went to a Bentley Aston Martin dealership for fun:

Got invited to a Mercedes Benz Taichung, Taiwan HQ to check out the SLS AMG.

The rest of the Mercedes Benz HQ

After we left, we got an AMG hat, which we put in the

Anyways I gotta say I had a lotta fun and I hope you guys enjoy the pics!

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