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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
That's just speculation on your part. I can feel when my car feels slow or fast. My car felt every bit as fast today as it did the last time at the track with the supercharger. My average clean laps today were 1:45-1:46. Exactly the same as in November with the supercharger. Top speed past turn one was about the same as well. I actually hit 123mph 2x today. Never went over 118mph with the
S/C. Supercharger should be hitting much higher speeds in that long straight.

But this is the problem here. Everyone assumes a supercharger will make you faster at the track. Maybe other setups might but not the 535.
Continue to agree with you that SC is not much faster, especially in an extended session where heat soak ruins the party.

While it is speculation on my part that the SC would be faster on a single lap, it is also speculation on your part that it is not, based on your subjective feedback of it being faster today than before; because without being able to compare both your laps on video we can't say whether one lap was better than another.

Regarding top straight speed: this is also highly determined by taking the previous corner consistently. And since the car responds better to throttle input now, it is easier to get on the gas at the proper moment. (Taking a corner better will put you in the upper RPM's with more power sooner.) Also better throttle response and better corner exit could easily give you the feeling of more power.

If you have data from last time and this time, it's possible that Richard will be able to figure how much acceleration is going on with each setup and a theoretical best lap time. I know the Traqmate software can do this. Or, hopefully next time you can get video with the same setup/conditions and we can compare it to see if it's driving or mostly the setup change.

Regardless of what we find, I think we're in agreement though that a fun track car that is consistent outweighs a slightly faster track car on a single lap so this is obviously a move in the right direction.
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