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Originally Posted by smmmurf View Post
Mark, agreed. However, while there truly is no such thing as a perfect lap, I still stand by that you did not have as good of a "best lap" with the supercharger.

Pro level drivers have a very low standard deviation of lap/split times, traffic permitting. Pros are not necessarily just better on a single lap but in their consistency in achieving such to the level where they can recommend minute adjustments and go out and test them to find out with conviction whether a subtle change made a car better or worse. Until a driver can lap within .5 sec each lap, it's pretty difficult to compare one laptime one day vs. another laptime another day and attributing it mostly to the car.

I think you've definitely proven that the car is more consistent and healthy with the SC but I also think the SC would have been faster if you did the same quality of lap you did today with it on... without watching a video I can't say how much better your lap today was but I am very certain you drove better today than last time (that's a good thing!), haha
That's just speculation on your part. I can feel when my car feels slow or fast. My car felt every bit as fast today as it did the last time at the track with the supercharger. My average clean laps today were 1:45-1:46. Exactly the same as in November with the supercharger. Top speed past turn one was about the same as well. I actually hit 123mph 2x today. Never went over 118mph with the
S/C. Supercharger should be hitting much higher speeds in that long straight.

But this is the problem here. Everyone assumes a supercharger will make you faster at the track. Maybe other setups might but not the 535.
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