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Originally Posted by Munit View Post
well your post shows exactly the misunderstanding you and people have. You said torque is not relevent when you are taking to redline?

That makes zero sense. Wheel torque aka thrust is at its peak at redline. Engine torque is also near flat and the same at redline as it is throughout the band. The difference is the combination of the effect of the revs coupled with the gearing which DRASTICALLY changes what is measured at the engine.

Wheel torque is ultimately taking an engine making X amount of ability to drive an axle (torque). Then to translate into what actually gets the wheels you need to factor in the revs which obviously are not even part of an engine torque number, then as important or more is the effect of gearing which drastically varies depending on the type of engine. After that and you subtract the parastici losses, you get how much power the wheels are turning at or wheel torque/thrust. This last piece is all that matters.

So yes at very low rpms the m3 has no wheel torque, but given the design, it also is very easy to get into 5500 plus powerband and at that point the wheel torque is more than a 335.

So really it comes down to lazy drivers who for some reason want to be able to accelerate on the freeway in 6th or 7th without shifting vs someone who shifts to 3rd or 4th and takes a bit of effort.

I totally understand if you are a lazy driver as that is what cruising is about-but in that case I really feel people bought the wrong car if they chose an m3.
An m3 is designed as something assumed will be driven for performance. When driving it for performance, the needle stays above 6k and you are paddling/rowing gears and low end torque is irrelevent.

ANyway what does it matter lol
WHAT????? Buddy you are obviously in way over your head in this area of expertise. The worst type of person, is a person who has no clue and pretends that he understands!
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