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Originally Posted by M3forMe View Post
I feel your pain. I drive my M3 everyday to work. I am in a position and industry that frowns upon it. "If you drive an M3 then we must be paying you too much" mentality.

I didn't care. I am 44 and have worked my a$$ off to afford one. I tried to be casual and not even mention it. When first asked I just told everyone "yeah I got a new car". "It's just a 3 series". Then a few car folks knew what it was so I took a ton of grief for the first week or so. They are over it now and life moves on.

I absolutely feel your pain but the pain will go away.
You work in education too?

I'm on the hunt for an e9x M3, but I will definitely have to drive a beater to work. I get enough shit from people about my clothes or when I drive my wife's 328i to work.