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benvo vs ess vs evolve battle

So with the ability of the home install of the tunes, I am quite surprised with so much interest, nobody has bought all 3 and did head to head comparisons. Subjectively would be nice but moreso on the dyno. I am thinking about doing this simply out of curiosity. I have ESS and happy. HOwever only would do this if it truly would be an accurate comparisons.

If you take a 2012 (mine) m3 with latest OE software, install the software again to clear adaptations and did 3-4 pulls in normal weather etc. Take peak power.

Leave car on dyno-install the next tune, 4 pulls or however many until power stopped changing.

Cool down

Next tune

And so forth. Would this be a pretty darn accurate way to compare? Than overlay the 4 graphs on each other. Would this put a lot of people to rest?